Honor Code

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Greenways Academy Honor Code
Honesty is a value that holds each person to the truth, to tell the truth, and to defend the truth.
Honesty results in fairness for each member of Greenways Academy. Integrity is firm adherence to our values with and without the presence of others. Respect is treating others as we would like to be treated. In an environment of respect, work we turn in as our own is our own. Responsibility is the quality of being accountable for our actions and accepting the consequences of our actions.

The Honor Code is a physical representation of the values that Greenways Academy students should encompass. At any educational institution, a code of conduct must be established so that people, teachers and students alike, know the proper way to behave.

The behavior students acquire through their actions is the most valuable gift they can carry with
them after graduation, and it is the most valuable gift any educational institution can give.
Formulas and facts can carry students only so far in life. True success lies in one’s desire to be
good for the sake of being good ? doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. The
Honor Code is not meant as an imposition, but rather as a standard to which all students and
faculty should be held. At Greenways Academy, we push each other to higher academic achievement; this code asks that we hold each other, with the same rigor and passion in academics, to a standard of integrity and of personal achievement.

Greenways Academy Principles Regarding Academic Integrity
Enrollment at Greenways Academy requires adherence to a certain set of standards. Our standards include the expectation that no student will engage in the following unacceptable behaviors as defined by the course teacher *:
A. Cheating
B. Plagiarism
C. Fabrication
D. Obtaining an Unfair Advantage
E. Aiding and Abetting Dishonesty
F. Falsification of Records and Official Documents
G. Unauthorized Access to Academic or Administrative Records or Systems
*If a student is unclear as to whether or not his or her action(s) are in violation of the Honor Code, then it is that student’s responsibility to clarify any ambiguities with the appropriate administrator or instructor.

Student Responsibilities
• To complete all academic work honestly and independently, except in those instances in which an instructor clearly permits collaboration among students, for example, assigned group projects.
(See “Academic Cheating”).
• To acquaint themselves with the meaning of plagiarism, to learn how to properly cite sources
used in written work, and to consult with instructors regarding the allowable resource materials or aids to be used during tests or in the completion of any graded work.
• To refrain from revealing any information regarding the contents of a test, directly or indirectly,
to any other student who may subsequently take the same test.
• To refrain from the fraudulent or unethical use of computers
• To refrain from personal dishonesty as more fully defined in this Honor Code.

Cheating involves a willful and fraudulent act on the student’s part. It includes, but is not limited to, the
• Copying answers from another student’s quiz or test.
• Allowing another student to copy answers from a quiz or test.
• Orally communicating answers during a test or quiz.
• Transmitting answers by use of non-verbal signals during a test or quiz.
• Using notes or other unauthorized materials during a test or quiz.
• Gaining access to test questions or answers before a test without permission of the teacher.
• Violating test or assignment procedures established by the teacher.
• Copying the homework of another student and submitting it as one’s own.
• Collaborating with others or with written materials in take-home assignments unless expressly
allowed to do so by the teacher.
• Obtaining a paper from any source (a person, a text, on-line) and submitting it to a teacher as
one’s own work.

Plagiarism is a situation in which one leads a reader to believe that written work submitted by the student is his own writing when it is not. Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviors:
• Directly copying part or all of another person’s work and presenting it as your own.
• Submission of papers or reports from commercial research companies, including on-line sources.
• Copying portions of a text without crediting sources.
• Rephrasing another person’s ideas and presenting them as your own without crediting sources.

In addition to all of the above behaviors, personal dishonesty includes, but is not limited to:
• Stealing the personal belongings of a teacher or another student.
• Destruction or abuse of school property.
• Failure to report instances of theft or destruction of school property.

Teacher Responsibilities
A. Clearly outline and define unacceptable academic behaviors within the teacher’s course
B. Address the degree to which students may collaborate on the completion of assignments, making distinctions where necessary as to assignment types
C. Address the use of study aids (e.g. CliffsNotes, Online Websites, etc.) in course work


It is our goal to educate students as to the gravity of honor violations. Students who are found to be in violation of the Student Honor Code will be sanctioned and will face disciplinary action and possible expulsion from Greenways Academy. Matters of Honor will be treated seriously and the following guidelines will be a reference for the administration in sanctioning Honor violations; however, each case will be examined individually and responded to in an appropriate manner.
• Teachers will deal with violations of academic integrity on an individual basis.
• All serious instances of academic dishonesty will be reported to the appropriate school administrators.
• The first serious violation of academic integrity may result in a reduced grade for the
assignment, test, lab report, or quiz.
• The second violation of academic integrity may result in a failing grade in the course in question.
• The third violation of academic integrity may result in suspension from school and possible expulsion, as determined by a joint decision of Greenways Academy and appropriate school administrators.

The below signature indicates that the individual has fully read and understood the Honor Code as the accepted standard for all academic work related to Greenways Academy.

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