Patti Greenberg
Director Patti Greenberg is a Licensed Professional Counselor with more than 10 years of experience working in traditional school settings and more than 8 years working in alternative teaching environments.

Julie Watson
Julie Watson received a Bachelors degree in English with an emphasis in Secondary Education from Iowa State University. Julie began working at Greenways Academy because it gave her a chance to help provide an alternative education for students in need. In addition, she is passionate about her job because she believes that Greenways Academy’s unique approach to learning, the quality of the courses, and its affordability set it apart from other on-line schools.

Maryanne Angliongto
Maryanne Angliongto has been teaching at Greenways Academy since September of 2005.Growing up in the St. Louis area, Maryanne attended Mary Institute before receiving bachelor degrees in Astrophysics and Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations from University of California, Los Angeles. In addition, Maryanne recently received a masters’ degree in Physics from the California State University, Los Angeles. Before working at Greenways, Maryanne taught as an ESL tutor and university-level teaching assistant. The time and ability to get to know students one-on-one and encourage them to succeed is her favorite aspect of working at Greenways Academy.

Chrissy Carpenter
Chrissy Carpenter has been a teacher at Greenways Academy since 2005. She received bachelor degrees in Psychology and Biology from St. Louis University in 2002. Working one-on-one with students is what she enjoys most about working at Greenways and her favorite subjects are English, British Literature, and American Literature.

Kathy Chen
Kathy Chen started teaching at Greenways Academy in 2006. She has bachelor degrees in Biology and Environmental Science from Duke University and a masters degree in Environmental Science & Policy from the University of Michigan. Before coming to Greenways Academy, Kathy worked as an educator for the US Park Service and the St. Louis Zoo. Her favorite part of working at Greenways Academy is meeting so many intelligent, unique, and fun students.

Laurel Hermann
Laurel Hermann earned a bachelors degree in English from Eastern University and is a certified Secondary English teacher in Illinois and Missouri. In addition to her student teaching experience, Laurel has spent several years as a tutor working with students from 1st through 12th grade. The aspect of one-on-one tutoring Laurel enjoys the most is the wide variety of topics she gets to teach and the opportunity to continuously learn with her students.

Anna Louioukina
Anna Louioukina has been working at Greenways Academy since 2006 teaching everything from middle school math, science, history, and English to high school physics, Latin, and ACT prep. She graduated from Georgetown University in D.C. and also attended college for a year in Paris. In the past, Anna has worked for the St. Louis Artists’ Guild, the Jewish Community Center Arts Camp, and the Georgetown Univeristy “Reads Program” which teaches students with learning disabilities in math, reading, and writing.

Katie Ziporin
Katie Ziporin has been teaching at Greenways since November of 2005. Her past jobs have included working as substitute teacher and a childcare provider at a Colorado Daycare center. Her favorite aspect of teaching at Greenways is that the school’s unique structure allows her to get to know the students and help them be successful.