Chris M (Mother) “Greenways has allowed for normalcy in our lives. My son has been able to go to school without the stress and ridicule.”

Lynn (Mother) “There would be no way my some would finish high on time with out Greenways Academy and their support, I can’t thank them enough.”

Alice (School Counselor) “I now have a referral source for students who need the support of one on one tutoring with the online class.”

Dr. S (Child Psychiatrist) “…Greenways Academy has a threefold approach to learning auditory, kinesthetic as well as visual this will help many student find success where there has been little…. This is an alternative that is great for parents who feel they are losing their kid to the traditional brick and mortar school – I know my child learns differently and that requires an out of the box approach something greenways academy offers – as far as I know there is not another school like it around!”