Why Greenways

Why Greenways:

Our students succeed because they are self motivated, possess strong reading comprehension skills, and have a desire to learn about new topics. At Greenways Academy, we are proud of our dedication to excellent education and ability to give students what they need to learn. To set ourselves apart, we hire excellent teachers, maintain our accreditation, offer extensive teacher, parent, student interaction, and provide excellent customer service.

1. Accreditation

What this means for you

Greenways Academy is fully accredited through CITA/NCA to offer a full high school diploma program..
Earn a full high school diploma and start filling out college applications

The assurance that you are enrolled in a program that has earned the Gold Standard of academic quality. Also your credits earned will transfer to most schools.
The assurance that you are working with a first-class company that wants you to go on to college

2. Completion Rate

What this means for you

100% of our students complete their courses on time (percentage based on data collected over the last three years).

You are where you want to be – back on track.

3. Access to Teachers

What this means for you

Daily via email and discussion threads, Our turn around time is 24 hours .

Our teachers are here for you.

4. Network Quality

What this means for you

We use Aurora –an industry’s network -as our exclusive provider.
We offer 24/7 technical support to help you get online and stay connected.

You spend your time learning, not struggling with quirky network technology.

5. Course Scheduling

What this means for you

Our courses are flexible meaning we have a rolling admission

The flexibility to fit both courses and work into your schedule.

6. Teacher & Counseling Support

What this means for you

We provide daily support for you, step by step throughout the course. We make modifications for students with an IEP or 504 Plan
We team with you for your success.

You get more individualized support than from most traditional classrooms.
How’s that for an online relationship that really works for you!

7. Course Materials

What this means for you

Every student gets a their own log in code which opens up their courses-  They will get a screen reader to enhance their comprehension if needed

Study online becomes multi-sensory- auditory, visual as well as kinesthetic
Making the classroom real, up-to-date, and highly relevant with the latest available information.

8. Parental Codes

What this means for you

We are able to provide parental codes so parents  can monitor their students progress at any time of day

Making it easy for you to keep an eye on your kids education without “bothering” them