Right to Privacy

Greenways Academy will abide by the student privacy guidelines set forth by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Greenways Academy will provide an academic transcript to students’ primary school Site Facilitator upon completion of the online course(s), or at any time upon the request of the primary school and/or student’s legal guardian.

We do not disclose any student information to any third party unless we have written consent from the parent or guardian. This is part of the teacher training and parent – teacher conversations. Everything is password protected.

The names of Greenways Academy students, their images and their coursework will not be published on the Greenways Academy website or in video without student and parent/guardian consent. All Greenways Academy students and parents will receive a unique password that allows them to access their online courses. It is the students’ responsibility to keep their passwords confidential. To retrieve forgotten passwords, contact the Greenways Academy support line.