Tuition and Pricing

Tuition includes:

  • Transcripts
  • Web-based texts and exams
  • Weekly emails to parents
  • Monthly phone calls
  • Re-test ability
  • Modified assignments for IEP or 504 plans


0.5 Credit courses* – $360.00
1.0 Credit courses* – $475.00

(*) Lab materials course varies.
(*) Group discounts available.


(Available at a discounted rate through our sister company, Creative Learning Services)

Face to face – $70.00 per hour
Telephone – $70.00 per hour
Technical – No Charge

A Note to Parents:

When your child enrolls at Greenways Academy, you become part of a private school family held in high regard by some of the nation’s best educators. Our administrative office maintains your child’s records which are updated each semester by our staff of experienced teachers. Each student (Grades 9-12) receives a yearly transcript and graduates with a complete standard academic diploma. Teachers are chosen based on their ability to work effectively with your child and provide advice and support to your family. Their compassion, love, and understanding form the foundation from which your child can grow, both scholastically and in all other areas of life. Our teachers keep in touch each month by e-mail, fax, mail, or phone, and if you live near them, you may be able to arrange meetings in person.

You and your child will play an active role in course selection, and our directors and educational counselors help you and your child design the educational program best suited for his or her interests, learning style, and academic needs. Our program helps you develop an independent learner through the use of outstanding online learning materials.