Greenways Academy Careers

About Us

Greenways Academy is a fully accredited, private online academy for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. We offer an alternative solution for those children who struggle with the traditional classroom. Our programs cater to all student learning styles. Students who attend Greenways Academy can benefit from our online program through our different learning platforms and our flexible schedules.

Through our level-based, rigorous content we help the student achieve mastery in the course. Our focus on mastering the material makes Greenways Academy and exceptional learning environment online for elementary, middle and high school students.

Greenways Academy Instructional Services and Professional Development Leader

Greenways Academy is a private school that specializes in the individualized curriculum for all students. In addition to our private school, we also serve as eDynamic’s instructional services and are the main virtual provider for two public schools. 

Greenways Academy is a full-service Cogina, NCAA, and WASC-accredited school with state-certificated teachers and over 25 years of experience in the virtual school arena. GWA educates students in a way that works best for each student by offering curriculum options that fit each student in their unique way.


eDynamic Learning Overview

eDynamic Learning (eDL) is a teacher-founded company, established in 2008 with a mission of helping students find their passion. We are dedicated to developing programs of study in pathways that lead to industry-recognized certifications. With nearly 250 courses available on all technology platforms and devices, we are the largest publisher of CTE and elective courses in North America. 

The eDynamic Learning middle school and high school curriculum is used in a variety of online and blended learning environments. Courses are designed to be flexible for teachers and ensure that students leave high school with the knowledge and preparation needed to make life-shaping college and career decisions.

Role Overview

The Instructional Services Leader will help strengthen Greenway’s Academy Instructional Services and Professional Develop Team impact by leading the organization’s operational and instructional aspects, as directed by Greenways Executive Director. This role will provide thoughtful mentorship, planning, technical assistance, and day-to-day guidance to instructional staff and will serve as a resource for the school’s leadership team. This role works closely with the Director of Learning and Executive Director on the front end to assist with the design and implementation of our programs, services and initiatives, and on the back end to lead the development and implementation of plans and processes. The successful candidate will be an excellent communicator, with in-depth knowledge of the latest educational procedures and regulations.  You will take on a rewarding position with Greenways Academy.


  • Oversees curriculum development of all Professional Development (PD) for Greenways/eDL
  • Reviews PD curriculum, provides feedback and suggests new workshop types or materials
  • Supports PD Calendar Coordinator in review of workshop requests and helps determine best trainer for instances with specialized requests
  • Work closely with sales staff to provide training on salesforce process requests and PD workshop types and providing guidance 
  • Supports sales team on unique school requests and how to best serve them 
  • Requests PD tutorial videos and helps support the development of the video scripts
  • Coaches PD consultants on best practices and consistent processes from eDL.
  • Reviews recorded PD workshops when surveys are low to determine how to coach and improve trainers.
  • Onboards new PD trainers when staffing needs arise. Work with HR and finance to get paperwork set up and coordinate with PD L&D manager to onboard and train consultants on workshop materials.
  • Oversees curriculum development of all PD for Greenways/eDL
  • Develop and interpret processes that advance learning and improvements across the organization/team: Support other departments (ie: registrars)
  • Work collaboratively with others across an organization
  • Responsible for understanding the state certification requirements
  • Responsible for all teacher assignments (IST Sections List)
  • Assign teachers to correct section in Genius
  • Responsible for all state reporting data as requested
  • Responsible for applying IEPs/504 requests
  • Responsible for teacher training on Genius and Buzz
  • Responsible for monitoring grading 
  • Create Teacher Genius Account for all new Instructional Services Teachers
  • Responsible for managing client expectations for grading policies and cheating policies
  • Responsible for supporting  teacher and performance management, ensuring they adhere to the SLA’s
  • Ensure Genius management for archiving sections and adding new sections

Ideal Qualifications & Skills

  • Positive and collaborative team player 
  • Analytical mindset with excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent Microsoft Office skills
  • Excellent Computer Skills
  • Exceptional at organizing and problem-solving 
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills, as well as ability to distill and explain complex concepts
  • Be a self-starter with a personal style characterized by service, accessibility, curiosity and a genuine team orientation
  • Ability to interpret, apply, and communicate district policies and procedures and state needs
  • Familiarization with Buzz/Agilix Platform
  • Provide excellent customer service to our staff, students, families, and partner organizations
  • Bachelor’s degree, or three years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience

Vision: We believe that all students can develop a love for learning, a desire for knowledge, and the ability to strive for and reach goals. Our philosophy is to serve the needs of the whole child via an engaging program in a fun and positive atmosphere. We have a supportive learning community with highly qualified staff and a rigorous curriculum that is differentiated for all levels to ensure that every student can succeed. Our individualized educational program, and personal attention for each student are designed to meet the individuality of each student. We help students acquire the skills they need to reach their goals for their future education, career, and life. Students are the center of all we do, and their needs, outcomes and achievement inform our programs, our curriculum, our instruction, our school, and how we do business.

Mission: The mission of Greenways Academy is to motivate, educate, and graduate every student.

Greenways Academy values all students and families regardless of background, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender identity, or disability. We are a safe place for all students to learn, grow, explore, and express themselves. Our families are an integral part of our dynamic learning community and we strive to provide ample support and opportunity for all stakeholder involvement in support of our students.

Greenways Academy/eDynamic Learning Core Values: Do the Right Thing * Work Smart * Committed to the Future * Find a Way to Say Yes * Deliver a Quality Experience * Improve Continually 

This is a full-time (40 hours/week), fully remote position. 

Salary: $ 60000-65000/ year(DOE)